Online Mediation - A Primer

COVID-19 has put a number of dispute resolution mechanisms on hold. But disputes have continued unabated. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools, like mediation, are effective options to resolve conflicts and are flourishing online despite a long-held assumption that they could only be done in-person. While the core principles of mediation…

Sometimes to Come Together, You Need a Little Time Apart - Why We Caucus

Communication between parties is critical to the mediation process, which is why people are sometimes surprised to learn about the possibility of a ‘caucus’ - where the mediator speaks to each party separately. But caucusing can be a very useful tool in the mediator’s kit when the conversation seems stuck or when parties wish to…

Landlord/Tenant Disputes During COVID

The economic fallout from COVID-19 has resulted in many tenants unable to make rent payments to their landlords. Though for some there was an initial reprieve, states are starting to lift their moratoriums on evictions leading to uncertainty and anxiety. If you are a landlord or a tenant, you may be wondering whether you have any option instead of…

COVID Conflicts

The age of COVID has seen an increase in conflicts - in the workplace, at home, and in business. Venn Mediation’s online facilitative approach is well suited to helping parties work through these issues in a collaborative and productive manner where the parties are in control of the outcome.

"To jot or not to jot" - Taking notes during a mediation

We’ve all seen it – whether in movies or in real life.   The courtroom scene; lawyers scribbling notes while the witness gives testimony. Perhaps passing Post-It notes to the lead counsel. Very often this is what we see as being actively engaged while someone is talking.   Mediators vary on whether to take notes or not, and…

Conflict in the Time of COVID

The COVID-19 crisis has added immeasurable stress and anxiety to everyday life -  whether your business is closed or still open and whether your loved ones are near or far away.   This is exponentially true in the case of conflicts.   A business or interpersonal dispute – a source of stress under normal circumstances – can…

Raison D'Être - Why We Mediate

Our passion for our work comes from the knowledge that justice is often complicated. And finding the right path for our clients requires a blend of empathy, open-mindedness and strong listening skills.

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