Divorce and Family

"AI" for the Holidays

The holidays can be a great time to catch up with family.   But for many people, they have one or two members of the family they just can’t see eye to eye with.   Mediators have techniques that can help in just these circumstances.   By creating a greater sense of understanding these techniques can make your next holiday get…

Couples Mediation - Working it Out Instead of Getting Out

All couples fight, especially the ones that love each other. When someone is emotionally invested in a relationship small issues can feel amplified and can easily become big problems if they aren’t addressed. Couples Mediation can help those who want to fix problems before things fall apart. It enhances communication, allows a couple to…

Mediation - Swapping Middling Middlemen for Maestros

“I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get middlemen out of my deals.   Why on earth would I choose to add an intermediary into a negotiation? ” Having a third party like a mediator ‘get in the middle’ of your dispute or deal doesn’t have to make things more complicated. In fact, working with a…

Prenups - What To Do Before You Say "I Do"

Prenuptial agreements (‘prenups’) are uncomfortable to bring up but smart to have. The ‘prenup discussion’ is often awkward, but mediation can make the process easier. With the help of a neutral third party, the couple works together to raise their concerns and interests and to arrive at an outcome that they can both be…

Sometimes to Come Together, You Need a Little Time Apart - Why We Caucus

Communication between parties is critical to the mediation process, which is why people are sometimes surprised to learn about the possibility of a ‘caucus’ - where the mediator speaks to each party separately. But caucusing can be a very useful tool in the mediator’s kit when the conversation seems stuck or when parties wish to…

Five Situations You May Not Have Known Could Be Mediated

Mediation is a form of ‘alternative dispute resolution’ (ADR) that can be used to resolve interpersonal and commercial conflicts and disagreements. When most people think of mediation, the first things that come to mind are divorces and international disputes. But mediation actually has many more practical uses, including resolving…

Why We Mediate Divorces

Divorce mediation allows couples to define the terms of their divorce amicably and affordably and provides an opportunity to end the marriage with less toxicity. The result is a separation agreement that can be easily turned into a legal document and submitted to the court.

Mediation 1-2-3

So, you are not sure if mediation is for you and you are curious about the mediation process. Before starting, it is important to understand the principles of mediation - that it is a safe, confidential, and voluntary process in which parties are treated fairly and equally, and given the chance to determine the outcome of their dispute.

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