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What's New - A collection of things that the staff at Venn Mediation are reading, are inspired by, or just find interesting! 

ESPN - Kyle Beach, Chicago Blackhawks agree to mediation in hopes of settling sexual assault lawsuit - November 23, 2021
Kyle Beach, the former NHL player who sued the Chicago Blackhawks alleging the team did not address allegations of sexual assault against an assistant coach in 2010, has agreed to mediation in hopes of settling the case.
Civil Mediation Council Annual Conference  - November 10th-11th, 2021
The Civil Mediation Council in conjunction with the College of Mediators is hosting its 2021 digital conference, with the theme "Collaboration for the Future."  Venn's own Ehsan Ali will be speaking on November 10th, on the panel entitled "Inclusion and exclusion: being and ally and diversifying the profession."
Annual CIArb Mediation Symposium - September 10, 2021
CIArb's Mediation Symposium focuses on bringing together experience practitioners from around the globe to address the biggest issues facing the world and the ADR field in particular.  This year, the conference focuses on inclusion and access, with one of the speakers being Venn's own Ehsan Ali.
ADR ODR International Limited - Launch of AOI Journal - July 27, 2021
The AOI Journal brings together the ideas, thoughts, knowledge, products and services from ADR and ODR specialists and those interested in this field from all over the world.
Venn Mediation - Launch of Advanced Mediation Coaching Program - July 22, 2021
Venn Mediation's Advanced Mediation Coaching Program (AMCP) uses real-world scenarios and trained actors to provide an authentic and customizable mediation experience and training for new and experienced mediators who wish to enhance their skills.
Medium - Equilibrium: Center for Restorative Wellness - dealing with conflict is a key factor in growing an organization - June 4, 2021
Diversity and inclusion efforts can often feel more like a marketing campaign than a way to address longstanding issues in the workplace.  The author notes that for things to actually get better, workplace leaders must address fear of conflict - and create the space for people to discuss even difficult topics safely.  
CNN - The 'gray divorce' trend: As the Gates split shows, more older couples are getting divorced. Here's why - May 6, 2021
An increasing number of older couples are deciding to separate on good terms out of a desire to start a new phase in their life and as the stigma of divorce decreases. The author notes that the result can be healthier and more fulfilling second or third marriages that can deepen over time.
CBC.ca - Broken Marriages Becoming Pandemic's Other Toll - May 3, 2021
An article discussing the increases in divorces as a consequence of the pandemic. Some practicioners reporting a greater than 30% increase in couples deciding to separate. The article notes how this has evolved over time, as well as some of the other contributing factors, a "worth-it" read.  
New York Times - How to Resolve a Conflict When You Hate Your Opponent’s Guts - April 9, 2021
A book review of High Conflict by Amanda Ripley. The book explores how even experienced mediators and conflict resolution professionals can get caught up in protracted arguments. And it offers a framework of how to approach such situations when they come up.
New York Times - Divorce Rates Are Now Dropping. Here Are Some Reasons Why - March 24, 2021
A closer look at why some couple's are staying together through the pandemic and how the situation could evolve in the months ahead.
New York Times - The Unequal Inheritance: It Can Work, or It Can ‘Destroy Relationships’ - February 19, 2021
A discussion of how how smart families are using mediation to minimize misunderstandings and hurt feelings on the topic of inheritances.
The Wall Street Journal - Millennials Embrace Prenups—but Through a Very Different Lens Than in the Past - January 21, 2021
A review of the shifting nature of prenups to reflect newer societal norms and practices and how millenials are adapting to this new paradigm.

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