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Venn Mediation was founded by Ehsan Ali and Alnoor Maherali to help clients take control in resolving their disputes. As dispute resolution experts and certified mediators, we specialize in clear communication, negotiation facilitation, and conflict resolution.

We met while training in mediation and conflict resolution with a well-respected New York institution. As we got to know each other, and our friendship developed, we discovered that our different backgrounds – Alnoor with his decade of diplomatic experience and Ehsan with his years of litigation and arbitration work – gave us different perspectives on dispute resolution, and those differences made us especially effective when co-mediating cases. That's why we operate by a co-mediation model, meaning our clients receive the benefits of our combined 15 years of experience.

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Venn Mediation is a full-service New York agency specializing in divorce mediation, family disputes, workplace dispute resolution and commercial conflicts.


You might be considering mediation for one of the following reasons. If this sounds familiar, get in touch:

  • You’re struggling to reach an agreement, or resolve a disagreement.
  • Litigation and court proceedings take a long time, and cost a lot of money.
  • You don’t necessarily want to enter into a court battle – there has to be a better way to resolve your dispute.
  • You’re uncomfortable with conflict, and need help working through a difficult conversation.
  • Your relationship with the other party has to continue after this dispute is resolved – you don’t want to escalate the conflict through legal proceedings.
  • You’d prefer for the dispute and its resolution to remain private.
  • You’d like to find a mutually agreeable solution.
  • You don’t want a stranger in a courtroom making decisions about your life.

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ADR ODR Corporate Partnership

Venn Mediation is proud to be a corporate partner of ADR ODR International and to serve as their Resident Representatives in New York and the US.

Headquatered in London with a presence in various international cities spanning 30 countries and over 200 dispute resolution professionals, ADR ODR International is a leading alternative and online dispute resolution provider. Responding to the changing landscape of dispute resolution and the greater need to integrate technology and efficiency, ADR ODR International bridges the traditional with the contemporary to create tomorrows digital peacemakers.

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