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People generally request mediation when they are in, or are just about to go to, court or arbitration. But at Venn, we believe that proactivity is the best policy. We are happy to offer our clients a full range of services for their disputes. From structured negotiation to full mediation, and across a wide range of industries and types of interpersonal conflicts; Venn Mediation is here to help you discuss what matters most. Even when resolution seems difficult to impossible.  

Mediation is a form of ‘alternative dispute resolution’ (ADR) that can be used to resolve interpersonal and commercial conflicts and disagreements. When most people think of mediation, the first things that come to mind are divorces and international disputes. But mediation actually has many more practical uses, including resolving disputes between: neighbors, roommates, co-workers, business partners, and even complete strangers.

In mediation, a neutral person works with the parties to help them find their own best solution. Parties have been known to seek mediation when: they wish to minimize costs (as sharing the cost of a mediator to help resolve the conflict is typically much more cost-efficient than paying their own lawyers to engage in protracted litigation); they want to determine their own outcome, rather than having a judge or arbitrator dictate it to them; they desire a resolution sooner and do not have time to wait months or years for their day in court; and when they need to maintain a relationship going forward and would like to avoid a ‘knock-down drag-out brawl’ that can happen in court. For these and other reasons, mediation may be right for many disputes.

At Venn Mediation, we have learned that even where disputes are complicated, they can have straightforward solutions. While parties alone may not see eye to eye, with help from a trained mediator they can better understand each other and come to a mutually beneficial and sustainable outcome.

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