Divorce and Family Mediation Services

We offer services customized to the needs of individuals and families and help them to come up with the solutions themselves. The result is that the members of the family are more likely to make sure that the solutions work.

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative to court litigation for resolving disputes that arise as two people separate their lives. We help the couple to work through the issues of their divorce and reach a mutually agreeable settlement. When kids are involved, mediation includes the establishment of an effective co-parenting plan.

Couples Mediation

All couples fight, especially the ones that love each other. When someone is emotionally invested in a relationship small issues can feel amplified and can easily become big problems if they aren’t addressed. Couples Mediation or Marital Mediation can help those who want to fix problems before things fall apart or even once they have fallen…

Family Mediation

Some people believe that the only way to resolve difficult family problems is to go to court. There is another way. Mediation is a collaborative alternative that lends itself to more amicable outcomes. It can be less expensive and much faster than going to court. With facilitative mediators like Venn Mediation, family members can often find good…

Prenup Mediation

Premarital mediation facilitates communication so that the couple can have a balanced, respectful discussion. This ensures that their prenup is tailored to their mutual and individual needs. With the help of a neutral third party, the couple works together to raise their concerns and interests and to arrive at an outcome that they can both be…

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