Prenup Mediation

We facilitate difficult or awkward conversations. We can help you draw up a prenup that gives you and your partner peace of mind for the future.


It can be awkward to discuss a prenup when you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with your partner. Our Premarital Mediation service helps enhance communication so that the discussion stays balanced and respectful, while planning for an unforeseen future.

This ensures that our clients' prenups are tailored to their mutual and individual needs, whether that includes a non-disparagement clause, or an arrangement about finances and/or marital gifts. We help our clients work together to raise their concerns and interests, and to arrive at an outcome that they can both be happy with.

Don't let misunderstandings turn your partner into an opponent. If you and your partner are planning your lives together, consider mediation to improve communication and find a better way forward before you say ‘I do’.


We help couples work through the process of drafting prenuptial contracts. A prenup is a written contract entered into by a couple before getting legally married. It’s important because, when love and emotions are involved, good judgement can sometimes be clouded. As mediators, we strive to understand each person's perspective and help the couple to determine their best potential terms of settlement.

Some big issues prenups cover are: the division of property and finances, estate planning, debt liability, and spousal support, among others. The keys to a good prenup mediation are openness and honesty from the couple, and a willingness to work in good faith to reach an agreement that both sides can be happy with. This is why clients benefit from two mediators, helping them negotiate, communicate, and understand their options in resolving any conflict together.

Each person is asked to provide full disclosure of their finances and to put all of their concerns and ideas out in the open. The result is that the parties are in control of their future, financial uncertainty is reduced, the playing field tends to be more level, and the couple gets the added bonus of improving communication on important marital issues. This ensures there are no unwelcome surprises later on.

The prenup mediation process allows for creativity and personalized solutions, while enabling you to work together as a couple to arrive at a fair plan, should you someday choose to separate.


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