Couples Mediation

Couples Mediation

When relationships break down or hit snags, hurt feelings make communication difficult. Mediation helps work through issues to find solutions.

Couples Mediation, or Marital Mediation, is a collaborative process that helps a couple (married or otherwise) to work together to resolve any differences or problem solve any disagreements. The role of the mediator is to help each person to identify the issues that are bothering them and to communicate them to their partner in a way that their partner can understand. This allows them to deal with the problem(s) and to start thinking about solutions.

Couples mediation is for monogamous or polyamorous couples; heterosexual or same-sex couples; married couples or those who are still dating. It does not take the place of counseling from a licensed mental health provider. It serves a different purpose in that it deals with specific problems, empowers people to find their own solutions, and develops problem solving skills for the future. And it enhances communication, allows a couple to rebuild trust, and provides a safe space to come up with solutions. 

As mediators we strive to understand your perspective and help you to determine your best potential options for resolving the dispute(s). Clients benefit from two mediators, helping you negotiate, communicate and understand your options in resolving your conflict.

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