Resolving Disputes Can Be Tough.

And costly. Let us help you resolve your conflict in a more collaborative way. Whether you are co-workers, couples, friends or neighbors, mediation can help settle your dispute.

Mediation Services

Based in New York, we improve office dynamics and help couples and families. A neutral third party can be exactly what you need.

What Venn Can Do For You?

What Venn Can Do For You?

If you are struggling with conflict in the workplace, have trouble communicating with a spouse or partner, need help working through a commercial disagreement, or need to resolve any dispute or misunderstanding, Venn Mediation can help. As an impartial third party, we help people and groups resolve disagreements peacefully, while avoiding costly escalation and courtroom proceedings. From disputes that are non-legal or in the legal system, we assist our clients in finding the middle ground: fair settlement terms and equitable solutions that work for all parties.

"At Venn, we provide a safe space for discussion and strive for a mutually beneficial outcome (increasing the size of the pie rather than dividing it)."


If you find yourself going through a prenup, family dispute, commercial disagreement, or workplace conflict, we can help.

Services We Provide

Workplace Mediation

Manage workplace conflict and resolve disagreements in a safe space, through a facilitated conversation with a neutral third party.

Couples Mediation

When relationships break down or hit snags, hurt feelings make communication difficult. Mediation helps work through issues to find solutions.

Family Mediation

When you don’t want to work through family issues in court, mediation can help you find a positive way forward to resolve family disputes.

Prenup Mediation

We facilitate difficult or awkward conversations. We can help you draw up a prenup that gives you and your partner peace of mind for the future.

Ombuds Services

An Ombuds is a person appointed or employed by an organization who assists individuals in the resolution of interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict. …

Commercial Mediation

Avoid business disputes becoming litigation nightmares. Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes quickly and confidentially. 


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