Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Manage workplace conflict and resolve disagreements in a safe space, through a facilitated conversation with a neutral third party.


Running a business involves making tough decisions day after day. In time, even great working relationships can be strained by work pressures and office tensions. Arguments over corporate control can escalate to the point where the matter goes to court. Successful companies have clearly defined conflict management systems to address small issues before they become big problems. These systems can include assistance from a neutral party from outside the organization.

A neutral outsider, like Venn Mediation, can help foster a collaborative culture in the workplace, and resolving disputes can help improve productivity and increase profits. It’s amazing what our clients have been able to achieve once the few stumbling blocks in the way have been cleared.


In the workplace, mediation is useful in resolving conflicts between two colleagues at similar levels. It can also be highly effective in dealing with issues between a manager and an employee. The open and transparent nature of mediation can make these kinds of conversations, where there would normally be a power imbalance, much more equitable. Each person is given the same platform to express their concerns and they both have an equal say in the outcome. The collaborative nature of mediation is ideal for work environments, where after the discussion is over, people still have to interact on a regular basis. There tends to be less hard feelings when people understand each other and work their differences out amongst themselves. Relationship preservation is a key reason smart offices use mediation.

We believe that every business should have a clearly defined conflict management system to avoid a toxic work environment. And we encourage business owners to consider mediation a part of that system. We help companies resolve any issues that may come up, as well as educate employees on the values of dispute resolution and how it works. An added bonus is that employees learn better problem-solving and communication skills, and are more likely to deal with issues than just tolerate them. The end result is better productivity, a happier team, and a better bottom line.


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