Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Some people believe that the only way to resolve difficult family problems is to go to court. There is another way. Mediation is a collaborative alternative that lends itself to more amicable outcomes. It can be less expensive and much faster than going to court. With facilitative mediators like Venn Mediation, family members can often find good solutions to help family problems along.

We offer services customized to the needs of individuals and families and help them to come up with the solutions themselves. The result is that the members of the family are more likely to make sure that the solutions work.

At Venn Mediation, we help families resolve disagreements about shared ownership conflicts within families, family business disputes, elder care challenges, couples mediation or any other form of family dispute. We strongly believe mediation can be part of the solution and we provide attentive service and quality results.

As mediators we strive to understand each person's perspective and help them to determine their best potential terms of settlement. Clients benefit from two mediators, helping them negotiate, communicate and understand their options in resolving their conflict, in any of the following areas:

Family Mediation - Family can be provided for any number of family relationships and disagreements. It can be between family members like a parent and a teenager or between parents and grandparents who wish to work out disputes and improve their communication.

Eldercare Mediation - When an elder loved one requires a higher level of care, families may need to make important and life-altering decisions and prepare for a period of transition. Mediation can support families during this critical time for issues such as health and medical care, finances, and living arrangements.

Estate Mediation - This is for families who are involved in difficult family estate disputes. These disputes can become very personal, relating to every day issues, finances, relationships, family and future. Many families battle over money, control, power, and inheritances. These issues require specific and realistic solutions.

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