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We help spouses and parents discuss and resolve issues relating to separation and divorce – without taking sides.


At Venn Mediation, we help spouses and parents resolve disagreements about separation and divorce – without taking sides. Divorce is a complicated and often thorny process, and a trained neutral mediator can help you negotiate, communicate, and better understand your options in resolving your conflict.

You've made the decision to divorce your spouse – now what? How do you reach an agreement about issues regarding money, property, or children? We know that mediation can be part of the solution because it helps you to negotiate your own terms of agreement in a safe space. It’s an opportunity to end the marriage with less toxicity.

As mediators, we strive to understand each person's perspective and help both parties to determine their best potential terms of settlement. Divorce mediation allows couples to define the terms of their divorce amicably and affordably. And the result is a separation agreement that can easily be turned into a legal document and submitted to the court.

Separation and divorce are emotionally difficult, but through mediated cooperation and communication, a smooth split is possible.



Statistically speaking, divorces utilizing mediators tend to be less expensive. The average cost of a litigated divorce in New York without children involved is $17,100, and that goes up to $25,600 when children are involved. With mediation, the average costs tend to be between $7,000 to $10,000. Even in a mediation where both sides choose to have a lawyer, the collaborative nature of the divorce mediation process means you’ll reach an effective agreement faster, at a much lower cost, than in court.

When children are involved, the proceedings become more complex, and mediation is a way for you as parents to consider your children’s needs as well as your own, while also meeting legal requirements. You can work together with a mediator to restructure your relationship to be co-parents and reach an understanding of how best to raise your children while apart.

This is one of the main benefits of divorce mediation – even if both parties don’t want one, there will most likely be a post-divorce relationship, either when children or pets are involved, or when social or professional circles are intertwined. Children benefit from a stable and functional relationship between parents, so when a couple can’t avoid seeing each other after the divorce, mediation by its collaborative nature can help minimize animosity down the road.


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