Business Mediation Services

Efficient conflict resolution is critical for any business in the 21st century. When time is money, entrepreneurs and business owners need a process faster than the court system and offering more control than arbitration. That’s what Venn Mediation can help with. Our facilitative Mediation process guides you through a full discussion of how best to move forward while keeping you firmly in the driver’s seat.

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Commercial Mediation

Whether your business is a startup or a multinational, making deals and reaching agreements is an essential part of success. But even the best agreements can result in disputes. Venn Mediation can help explore those disputes and find out if there’s an agreement that can solve your problem at a fraction of the cost and time that a court would…

Workplace Mediation

Running a business involves making the tough decisions day after day.   In time, even great relationships can be strained by work pressures.   Arguments over corporate control can escalate to the point where the matter goes to court.   Successful companies have clearly defined conflict management systems to address small issues…

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