Eamon H.Feb 16, 2024
Alnoor possesses grace, professionalism, calmness and a sensitivity and empathy for delicate situations. I'd gladly work with him again.
G.Feb 15, 2024
Fantastic mediators. Completely professional, extremely thoughtful and highly capable. Can't recommend them enough.
Peyton P.Dec 11, 2023
Wow, mediation is so helpful for disputing co-workers. We honestly thought we would have to fire one or both of them, but Venn Mediation to the rescue! They got these two employees to speak and…Read more...
Ashif P.Dec 11, 2023
Alnoor is an exceptional mediator. He always demonstrates exceptional professionalism and impartiality throughout the mediation process, while fostering an environment of open communication and…Read more...
Nancy A.Dec 4, 2023
Alnoor, is phenomenal! I am so thankful to have met him , and work with Venn Mediation. He is friendly, empathetic, professional and has a great work ethic. Thank you so much! I will definitely…Read more...
Misbah Budhwani D.Oct 2, 2022
Conflict in any situation is tough and a big stressor. Alnoor is incredibly skilled at helping people in disputes to make the workplace manageable and relationships sustainable.
Asif D.Oct 1, 2022
Alnoor is so great to work with. He’s incredibly organized and understands conflict dynamics really well. He really made us comfortable and would work with him again.
Gabe O.Sep 14, 2022
Was so beneficial being a client of Venn. Alnoor was able to help me with an important work issue that was very difficult for me. He coached me through it the whole way and made me walk in to the…Read more...
Michael M.Aug 26, 2022
We used Alnoor at Venn Mediation to help with some company growing pains. He was extremely professional, and we appreciated his structured approach. We will definitely use him again if the need arises.
Macayla B.Apr 13, 2022
Alnoor is spectacular!! I have had the pleasure of working with Alnoor on multiple occasions and I can not say enough good things about his work ethic. He is a friendly and open-minded professional…Read more...
Hui-Shan Y.Sep 21, 2020
I'm so glad I chose Venn Mediation. Ehsan is extremely professional. He is honest, a good listener and meticulous at his job. His calm temperament made me at ease and I never once felt any pressure…Read more...
Isabel M.Sep 17, 2020
Wow, so I've now had the honor of mediating with both Alnoor and Ehsan and could certainly extol the virtues of their work as a whole, but let me tell you about Ehsan! Ehsan radiates kindness,…Read more...
Monica A.Sep 17, 2020
I have had only positive experiences working with Ehsan and would highly recommend Venn Mediation. Clear, personalized, and helpful communication with great results.
Gabrielle A.Sep 16, 2020
Ehsan and Alnoor are great! They are both patient, kind, and highly skilled in dispute resolution. Would recommend to anyone! Ehsan's negotiating skills helped immensely in a contract dispute my…Read more...
Kevin M.Aug 12, 2020
Al Noor's patient and calm demeanor coupled with his open-minded and creative approach to achieving an outcome have made him the exact type of mediator I want. I'd recommend him without hesitation.
Almin K.Aug 11, 2020
Big fan of these guys. Ethical, honest and results driven. Would recommend Venn Mediation for whatever capacity you would need to engage them.
maneesha S.Jul 28, 2020
This is an excellent team with great insight into topical issues and are deeply committed to the de escalation and resolution of conflict situations. The techniques of mediation used with a key eye…Read more...
S K.Jul 14, 2020
I worked with Venn Mediation to help me and a colleague resolve a contract dispute and come to an agreement that works for both of us. We chose mediation because the disagreement was affecting our…Read more...
Rahima A.Jul 14, 2020
Venn Mediation was a pleasure to work with and they helped us to get to the outcome we were hoping for, quickly. We had never done mediation before so they explained things clearly, they made us feel…Read more...
Hal G.Jul 14, 2020
I've had the pleasure of working alongside Alnoor and Ehsan and recommend them without reservation.
Michael H.Jul 11, 2020
Alnoor is a compassionate leader with a strong moral compass. His ethical foundation and capacity to empathize suit him well to mediation and helping individuals and groups to jointly reach mutually…Read more...
Fehmida V.Jul 8, 2020
Alnoor Maherali at Venn Mediation is an objective, calm, and thoughtful professional. I greatly admire his ability to think through situations from all angles, his thoroughness in thought and…Read more...
Vchia M.Jul 7, 2020
I know Alnoor Maherali from our time together at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. I took an Advanced Negotiations Skills class with him under the famed Professor Brian Mandell, an intensive…Read more...
Michal R.Jul 7, 2020
Alnoor is a patient and skilled mediator - any dispute would benefit from his calm demeanor and commitment to conflict resolution. I highly recommend him and the Venn Mediation team
Isabel M.Jul 7, 2020
When mediating with the New York Peace Institute, it’s normal to have never worked with your co-mediator previously; you meet them for the first time ten minutes before the mediation begins. While…Read more...
Al-Karim K.Jul 5, 2020
Alnoor is a good listener and brings a thoughtfulness, structure and empathy in his approach to tackling problems. His collaborative perspective and way of engaging makes it easy to come to quick,…Read more...
Alexander P.Jul 1, 2020
I had the distinct pleasure of taking part in numerous negotiation simulations and workshops with Alnoor at Harvard, where he always impressed me with his commitment to investigation, communication,…Read more...
Irfan H.Jul 1, 2020
Alnoor is one of the most trustworthy and thoughtful people I know. His appreciation for complexity and personal needs, as well as his ability to quick grasp an understanding of Contexts and…Read more...
Jamie L.Jul 1, 2020
It is my pleasure to recommend Venn Mediation LLC. I'm a former colleague of Alnoor and can vouch for his passion for and skill in mediation. Alnoor brings the necessary calm, patient demeanor for successful mediation.
Almin K.Jun 23, 2020
Outstanding character, reliable, honest and competent. Would recommend to anyone.